Learning Project: Entry #1

For my learning project in EDTC 300, I have chosen to restore this dresser that was a gift from my late grandmother.  It is an interesting piece of antique furniture and is something I have wanted to restore and re-finish. I have always had an interest in carpentry and wanted to be able to create fine pieces of work.  My interest first began when I took shop class in high school but I want to take this opportunity to learn new things and get better at something that interests me.

This is the dresser, complete with old peeling paint and wheels that don’t turn. I will re-finish this dresser and put a new stain on it again.
Side view of the dresser




What I need to do is take off the old green paint and rere-finish the original wood that the dresser is made out of.  I also have to fix the repairs that need to be done to the original material. Most of these repairs have to do with the drawers and the track they run on, and also the top of the dresser needs some repair as the top is lifting apart and needs to be re-leveled and re-finished with the rest of the dresser. I also have to take the knobs off the drawers and polish them and take the rust away to be able to put them back on, in order to keep as many original pieces as possible.

the knobs on the drawers of the dresser are rusty and need to be re-finished.

The Final component to this restoration is the mirror stand that goes along with the dresser. It attaches to the rear of the dresser and is in need of repair.  it too will be refinished and re-attached.  The hardware that goes along with the mirror will also need to be polished and reattached.  The two decorative pieces that also need to be re-finished and glued back together and re-attached to the mirror frame.

Decorative pieces to be reattached to mirror frame.
This is the stand that will be attached to the back of the dresser, to display the mirror.
This is the mirror frame that the mirror will fit in and get mounted to the dresser.









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