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My two cents on Twitter and #saskedchat

First of all, I have had Twitter since June of 2017.  But created a new account for EDTC 300, this account I will devote to education-related material.  My first Twitter account I got just to follow politicians and famous people, and other news organizations.  To be honest, I have been quite ambivalent about Twitter and I believed it would never have a place in the classroom, I saw what happened to people like Roseanne Barr who was blackballed because of what she put on Twitter.  Although I don’t have those types of views or would ever say anything like that, I was still nervous about using Twitter and Tweeting.  While I was using Twitter I would re-tweet and read what was being put on there, but I never had many followers so Twitter became more or less an information site.

Once I started EDTC 300 I created a new twitter handle and began to really see what Twitter can do.  I had never heard about chats on Twitter and when I was apart of #Saskedchat I really began to see what Twitter can do.  I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable using it in the classroom.  I think there is a lot to still be discovered about Twitter. I am open to using Twitter but I am still a little nervous about it.

#Saskedchat was a very new experience for me and I was quite overwhelmed with the situation. there was a lot of information coming at me at once.  but after a couple of minutes passed and I got into it I really got to see who else is out there on Twitter in the education field. I was quite impressed by the number of people there was to participate and give good valuable feedback that was relevant to the situation that I am in.

If anyone has more ideas about how to use twitter or people to follow please leave a comment.


Learning Project Post #2

This week I started getting the paint stripped from the dresser and preparing it for the new stain.  I watch a really helpful video on YouTube that helped me to get a start point.

Now in this video, there is no stripping of paint in it, but after the paint is gone from a piece, this video was helpful for me to get the next steps done. I used this video to get a list of products I needed in order to prep my wood for finishing.  So I went to the hardware store a picked up some TSP (which is a cleaning solution) and a tack cloth (Used to pick up any leftover debris from sanding).  These products were used in the above video.  The TSP, however, is all the hardware store had.  Naphtha is what was used in the video.

I used this other video as a guide on how to strip paint using the gel paint stripper I bought from the hardware store.

This video was helpful because it taught me how to better use the paint stripper.  the takeaway that I had from it was to allow time to pass before I pulled the paint off. I needed to wait some time for the stripper to work and properly dry for easy removal.

So, I began with the dresser top after removing the dresser drawers and repairing the bottom drawer track and putting a new screw in the top to hold down the top corner.

This is the dresser after removing the drawers and making the necessary repairs.
This is the dresser top before I applied the paint stripper
This is the Tabletop after applying the stripper and sanding it and apply TSP and using the Tack Cloth.

Although I had good luck with the dresser top and taking the paint off and finishing it to prepare it for the new finish.  I didn’t have a good of luck taking the paint off the drawer faces.

These are the drawers after I applied the paint stripper.
Close up of the drawer face with paint stripper. Notice the bubbling and pulling up of the paint.
This is the dresser drawers after cleaning off the paint stripper
after using the paint stripper there still is a lot of paint remaining so I will need to put another coat on to hopefully remove all the paint.

I will need to put another coat on and hope I have better luck the second time.  My next step will be to finish removing the old paint and sand the whole dresser.

If anyone has another resource or tips for me please leave a comment!


What to follow on Feedly

Just recently I was told about this news feed website called “Feedly” so I created an account and began following websites. Now I had no idea that this website existed and that there was a way to follow all the publishing sites that I know and others that I didn’t know about.

So I began to explore Feedly and I discovered that all the news sites that I follow are on Feedly and I was able to follow them here, and stay up to date on all they have been publishing per week. I began following the CBC (one of my favorite public broadcasters), CTV (another one that I follow regularly on other platforms like TV), the National Post (one of my favorite writers, writes for this news organization), The Globe and Mail ( another reputable Canadian News organization) CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post (which are reputable American news sources that I follow on other platforms) the News and keeping well informed are something that I take very seriously.  All these sources are important to follow to stay up to date with what is happening in the world.  I hope to learn of more news outlets that I can follow to stay even better informed.

This need to stay well informed doesn’t end with news and world events.  I also would like to be better informed with education matters and advancement in education technology.  Continuing with my exploration of Feedly I began to explore education feeds. I have never looked into education blogs before.  So what I have found on Feedly is totally new to me.

To start out I followed, Ted-Ed, I have had experience dealing with Ted and their talks.  I have experience working in the classroom before. So I have come into contact with Ted and their talks before, so I thought this site would be a good place to start on Feedly. I also began to follow Microsoft education, this one seemed interesting because Microsoft is a company that does many great things and I felt it was a site that would have some useful tips and tricks. For the most part, the rest of the sites I follow are ones that seemed interesting and caught my eye.

Education Week is the RSS feed that is the most interesting that I follow so far. This RSS feed keeps track of all the news in the education world.  this ranges through everything from new technology to hot button issues like gun control and problems facing teachers around this issue. Education week is a reputable source by my standards. I feel that this RSS is helpful because teachers need to stay informed with the issues that are breaking and how it could or does affect their jobs and how we treat and work with students.

If anyone has ideas about what else to follow on Feedly please leave a comment!

Learning Project: Entry #1

For my learning project in EDTC 300, I have chosen to restore this dresser that was a gift from my late grandmother.  It is an interesting piece of antique furniture and is something I have wanted to restore and re-finish. I have always had an interest in carpentry and wanted to be able to create fine pieces of work.  My interest first began when I took shop class in high school but I want to take this opportunity to learn new things and get better at something that interests me.

This is the dresser, complete with old peeling paint and wheels that don’t turn. I will re-finish this dresser and put a new stain on it again.
Side view of the dresser




What I need to do is take off the old green paint and rere-finish the original wood that the dresser is made out of.  I also have to fix the repairs that need to be done to the original material. Most of these repairs have to do with the drawers and the track they run on, and also the top of the dresser needs some repair as the top is lifting apart and needs to be re-leveled and re-finished with the rest of the dresser. I also have to take the knobs off the drawers and polish them and take the rust away to be able to put them back on, in order to keep as many original pieces as possible.

the knobs on the drawers of the dresser are rusty and need to be re-finished.

The Final component to this restoration is the mirror stand that goes along with the dresser. It attaches to the rear of the dresser and is in need of repair.  it too will be refinished and re-attached.  The hardware that goes along with the mirror will also need to be polished and reattached.  The two decorative pieces that also need to be re-finished and glued back together and re-attached to the mirror frame.

Decorative pieces to be reattached to mirror frame.
This is the stand that will be attached to the back of the dresser, to display the mirror.
This is the mirror frame that the mirror will fit in and get mounted to the dresser.








Me and my views on Educational Technology.

Hello, my name is Tyrel Bertram and I am an education student at the University of Regina.  I have a major in English and a minor in Social studies.  A question I am often asked is why did I become a teacher? well, I answer by saying that I see students as the future and through teaching, I can help to shape and influence the future through the students I teach.  I also enjoy learning and want to pass on the things I learned to other people.

I grew up on our Family Farm in small-town Saskatchewan.  The farm was founded in 1922 by my great-grandfather who passed it on to my grandfather who just recently passed it down to my father and eventually he will pass it on to me and my brothers. On this farm, we have Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, and Horses.  At the age of 7, my two brothers and I got our first 4 sheep and grew the flock, with the help of our parents, to the current 130 sheep that are under our care.  I also successfully ran an egg business for 10 years.  It was through these experiences I learned the value of a hard day’s work and how to care for animals and develop a strong work ethic.

Some of my interests are agriculture, politics, history, and literature.  I am also an avid lover of the comic book Garfield and do a lot of other reading.

I believe that “Success is a combination of preparation and luck” Francis Underwood.

I also believe that “To improve is to change and to perfect is to change often” Winston Churchill.

I haven’t had much experience with educational technology.  Social media platforms were considered harmful to education not helpful to the education of students.  Just before I graduated, they got rid of most desktop computers and began using Chromebooks which allowed for a new experience where the students didn’t have to leave the class to use the computers.  I do however have about 7 years experience in schools working with Smartboards.

It wasn’t until I started University and started working in other schools that I was exposed to things like a classroom Twitter account and the use of Google Classroom. Although I was not directly a part of this class, the school supported it which went against what I previously thought.

Overall I am a big supporter of technology in the classroom because the rest of the world is using social media and other technologies its only natural for schools to adapt and change to use these technologies to the there fullest potential.  But like a whiteboard or a textbook, these technologies are only a tool and should not be relied on to give the students everything they need or as the only way for a teacher to teach.  I know how fast these technologies can become unreliable or don’t work like we all hope they would every time.

Blogging falls under this philosophy, I have used blogging in other classes but the instructors didn’t know how to use and organize it properly, so using it was more of a pain than a tool for learning. However, after just one class in ECTC300, I have a renewed excitement in blogging and using WordPress.

An interesting blog I read which addressed the benefits of having technology in the classroom.  The point that resonated with me was the idea that the use of technology can help the students develop their digital citizenship skills.  which is very important in today’s world.

Photo Credit: Pictures by Ann Flickr via Compfight cc